City Lights, City Hearts in Singapore

May 4th, 2016 by Karmun

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You know how, sometimes, people feel the need to get away from the bustling city life, leave the rat race, vacate the concrete jungle, take a break from the neon lights wilderness, have a recess from dog-eat-dog corporate world and retreat to some nature somewhere to “clear the mind”?

Yea, I’m not one of them.

I love the city. I love skyscrapers; I love bright lights; I love shiny glass windows reflecting even shinier metallic structures that grow from clean structured tar roads and reach mightily into the sky. I love the energy you get from just walking down the sidewalk amidst people of a place that never sleeps.

While growing up in Penang, I always dreamed of relocating to Kuala Lumpur — the nearest biggest city to my sleepy little island hometown — and I’ve not regretted it one bit. Now that I’ve been here 8-going-on-9 years, I still have not bored of it, although I am beginning to hear the distant calling of bigger, shinier, more advanced cities elsewhere.

I returned to sunny Singapore for a weekend recently for work and got just the exact dose of “metropolism” as I like to call it. Ah the smell of productivity, the taste of purpose in the air emanating from people with places to go and things to do.

How can anyone not like big cities? I get so bored it hurts in small towns.

Singapore was reinvigorating to me much like how a vacation to Bali might be for some people; refreshing full of purposeful air much like that of Tibetan mountain air for others.

And now I’m ready to embrace Kuala  Lumpur again.

A ribbing good lunch at Iberico Kitchen

April 20th, 2016 by Karmun

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Our latest obsession these days are ribs — beef, pork, what have you, take it we will. There’s something about the juicy smokiness of a rack done proper made doubly satisfying when eaten with your hands like our ancestors did hehehe.

After trying out a few places, I think we may have found our favourite one yet in Iberico Kitchen at Oasis Damansara. I rate them better than Naughty Nuri’s because the ones here let the natural flavours of the meat speak for itself; Naughty Nuri’s is overly sauce dependent. Plus the pork of choice here — Iberico pork — is the wagyu equivalent of pigs so I think that says all there is to be said.

We tried all 3 flavours of their pork ribs — original, honey-glazed and yuzu — and loved them all. My favourite is the original where the marbly meat glistens in thick chunks on the bone before melting in your mouth once you bite into it. The Ninja however loved the yuzu, a specialty at the restaurant that sees a special Japanese orange sauce drizzled over the ribs, resulting in a lovely caramelised texture that starts off citrusy but melts off into a nice bitter-sweet ending.

We indulged a little by popping a bottle of wine, ordered many other sides that stood in the same league as the ribs (oh those cheeseballs!) and spent the afternoon in the best way imaginable — with lots of good food, fine wine and great friends.

Who’s up for round two?

An Easter of cheese and wine

April 3rd, 2016 by Karmun

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A week late, but Happy Easter everyone! Hope all of you had a restful Sunday of sweet things and solace.

We celebrated it just how I’m sure the good Lord intended it — with copious amount of wine. The guy did turn water into wine after all and why would he had done that if he had not wanted us to drink it?

With wine you have to have some cheese and fruit and that’s what we had too, all in a beautiful private bar in Belinda’s even more beautiful home.

I am in love with the entire place, personally designed by her brother. It’s great design meets functionality and I love how ample sunlight poured in from the huge skylight so everything is bathed in natural light. I know now who I’m calling for my future house hehehe.

It was a warm night but the heat outside could not compare to the camaraderie inside, where we laughed, ate, drank and danced to the merry tune of good food and even better company.

Thank you Belinda for having us that wonderful evening. Rejoice, they said, because our Lord has risen, and rejoice, we did.

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