A homemade brunch to kick off 2016

January 10, 2016
NYE brunch 4

Happy New Year, my lovelies!

I know I’m eons late but seriously, is it just me, or is time just flying by these days?? One moment we were all having a good time at a friend’s pot luck, getting to just that perfect state of buzz with wine while we wait for the minutes to count down to 2016, and the next, we’re 10 days into the new year already. Father Time, you need to slow down!

NYE brunch 5

After sending 2015 off in the best way, we welcomed 2016 with a homely brunch that holds true to our resolution of being more adult and having our shit together haha. And what do adults do? They host things like brunch right? So that’s exactly what we decided to do on the first day of January and even had one of our bestest friends over — Calvin.

NYE brunch 2

The Ninja cooked up the most delicious English breakfast complete with chorizo sausages, extra lashings of bacon because we love our bacon, grilled tomato and mushrooms and toasted buttered English muffins, mmm. We also had a side of smoked salmon and blue cheese because we just felt like it.

NYE brunch 1

We had it the best way — in clothes we threw on the moment we rolled out of bed, sans makeup and any other look-good prep. In a nutshell, we started off 2016 with yummy food in a cozy sanctuary donning our most comfortable clothes in the company of a close bud.

If this isn’t a sign that 2016 will be great, I don’t know what else it.

Happy new year again and may this year bring the only the best for you!

NYE brunch 3

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