A picnic right at home

March 20, 2016

The weather has been all kinds of bad lately, scorching hot one minute and crazy thunderstorm the next.

Having grown up here all my life, that is honestly no big deal to me until it had to spoil one of our most anticipated weekends in a long time — the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 🙁

We had planned on a glorious picnic complete with champagne to be had on a warm blanket in one of Putrajaya’s sprawling fields while over 20 hot air balloons lifted to the skies before us. All was well until we reached the location — rain poured down on us like it was the end of the world and everything turned into a slushy muddy mess.

I was dejected, upset and sour, but my favourite Ninja managed to convince me to still make the most out of the picnic we had packed. We headed home and set up shop by our poolside instead and I must say, it was just as fun. We had our pool lulling us to a numbing calmness, this spectacular sunset framing our dinner and the cheese, sandwiches, nuts and wine tasted 3 times better because we had had to put off eating it.

Trust the guy to always try and put a smile on my face in the worst circumstances.

It was one of the best Sunday evenings we’ve had in a while where I didn’t stop smiling at the serenity that was washing over me, nor could I stop giggling at his endless jokes, and it didn’t have anything to do with the wine.

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