A ribbing good lunch at Iberico Kitchen

April 20, 2016

Here’s to more good lunches!

Our latest obsession these days are ribs — beef, pork, what have you, take it we will. There’s something about the juicy smokiness of a rack done proper made doubly satisfying when eaten with your hands like our ancestors did hehehe.

After trying out a few places, I think we may have found our favourite one yet in Iberico Kitchen at Oasis Damansara.

I rate them better than Naughty Nuri’s because the ones here let the natural flavours of the meat speak for itself; Naughty Nuri’s is overly sauce dependent. Plus the pork of choice here — Iberico pork — is the wagyu equivalent of pigs so I think that says all there is to be said.

We tried all 3 flavours of their pork ribs — original, honey-glazed and yuzu — and loved them all. My favourite is the original where the marbly meat glistens in thick chunks on the bone before melting in your mouth once you bite into it. The Ninja however loved the yuzu, a specialty at the restaurant that sees a special Japanese orange sauce drizzled over the ribs, resulting in a lovely caramelised texture that starts off citrusy but melts off into a nice bitter-sweet ending.

We indulged a little by popping a bottle of wine, ordered many other sides that stood in the same league as the ribs (oh those cheeseballs!) and spent the afternoon in the best way imaginable — with lots of good food, fine wine and great friends.

Who’s up for round two?

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