An Easter of cheese and wine

April 3, 2016

Never go wrong with cheese and wine.

A week late, but Happy Easter everyone! Hope all of you had a restful Sunday of sweet things and solace.

We celebrated it just how I’m sure the good Lord intended it — with copious amount of wine. The guy did turn water into wine after all and why would he had done that if he had not wanted us to drink it?

With wine you have to have some cheese and fruit and that’s what we had too, all in a beautiful private bar in Belinda’s even more beautiful home.

I am in love with the entire place, personally designed by her brother. It’s great design meets functionality and I love how ample sunlight poured in from the huge skylight so everything is bathed in natural light. I know now who I’m calling for my future house hehehe.

It was a warm night but the heat outside could not compare to the camaraderie inside, where we laughed, ate, drank and danced to the merry tune of good food and even better company.

Thank you Belinda for having us that wonderful evening.

Rejoice, they said, because our Lord has risen, and rejoice, we did.

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