Blushing Pink at the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial ‘Unfurl the Tie’ Auction Party

January 26, 2015

First party of the year and who would have guessed it would be such a pink affair!

Returning after a very successful first edition last year, Moët & Chandon is back with its ‘Unfurl the Tie’ auction party where its Rosé Impérial bottles are specially dressed in custom designs by prominent up-and-coming industry leaders before being auctioned off in a night of sparkly, bubbly fun.

It being the Rosé Impérial bottle which is catered for the ladies with its delicate flavour and ultra feminine colour, the whole party was needless to say splashed in pink reflective of its bottle.

Just in case the hint isn’t getting across clear enough, this is what to pop on your date with your special someone this coming Valentine’s *coughs, chortles chokes*


The moment we walked into Play Club at The Roof where the party was taking place, we were greeted with this unapologetically pink buffet stand of all things sweet, sugary and splendid so we have someting pink to nibble with our pink champagne. It’s even got a pink fondue fountain although I highly doubt it’s chocolate dripping off its stands hahahaha. Five-year-old me would have loved this!


Pink or not, the Ninja couldn’t say no to food and helped himself to a few good sticks of strawberries, marshmallows and loveletter cookies, dipped in that gooey pink stuff. Yes I imagine this is what Barbie’s Sweet Sixteen party must’ve looked like.


The Rosé Impérial champagne is without a doubt a drink for princesses and what do princesses wear? Tiaras of course. These champagne bottles come with their own so they’ll match the one on your head.


Compared to the Brut Impérial more commonly served everywhere else, the Rosé Impérial is all-around fruitier, more floral and rounder in taste. Considerably less citrusy, it gives an initial sweeter palate before dipping into a nice woody base. It’s something you’ll want to drink with your girlfriends at your bachelorette party or the likes — and then squeal and giggle like schoolgirls after enough glasses.


Joyce’s kaleidoscopic hair seems to have been made for the occasion, doesn’t it? She’s also perhaps the only person I know who can make pink look bad ass. The rest of us just look pre-pubescent hahaha.


While waiting for the auction to start, we decided to put to good use the saccharine sweet concession stand and made the most out of it for photos hahaha. I don’t think I’ve been in the presence of so much pink in a single evening before! Not since I turned 12 and convinced myself I was too cool for pink XD


When the bidding finally started, it was to good spirits, warmed up well and proper by enough free-flow champagne.

This year, 4 different entrepreneurs were paired up with 4 different artists from different backgrounds to come up with their rendition of the Rosé Impérial. It was super fun to watch their different personalities and dynamics translate into their creations.


Some were inspired by love, others by the opposite of it — death, literally. Some painted the Rosé Impérial in the colours of spring while another fired it up hot and fiery with a fire of glitter and sequins. Each heralded beauty of its own that are unique and unlike any other.


To bring one home, you buy them with more Rosé Impérial bottles.

I love how they’ve got this mini champagne economy going on that night hahaha! Either way, sales go up, creativity flows, more champagne gets poured and everyone has a good time. If the real-world economics worked like that, the world would be a better place where spirits are always high and camaraderie among folks always warm thanks to a little drink called champagne.

One can dream…

Moet & Chandon Rose Unfurl The Tie auction

Do we look more in love bathed in that lambent pink glow of the drink equivalent of love? Tehehehehehe ♥


Lots of free-flow champagne also means lots of silly photos taken.


All bottles were successfully sold off that night to record-breaking amounts. More pink showered down on everyone — pink confetti, pink champagne, pink lights that swept and bathed over everyone in the crowd, pink, pink PINK! — so in case there isn’t enough  Rosé Impérial in your system, you’ll at least still have absorbed some pink sweetness from your surrounding environment.

Now you know what to toast to this Valentine’s and have your lady date’s heart all aflutter in a puddle — don’t say I didn’t share the good news! 😉


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