Bowling while glowing in the dark

March 9, 2016

Bowling in the Dark? Yes, please?

Out of sheer boredom one weekend, we decided to go bowling but because we’re not just anybody who can just go bowling anywhere, we ended up in a completely glow-in-the-dark alley.

How super cool is the entire concept of this place, and how much cooler is it that my camera actually managed to capture the effects of the black light? Hahaha.

Everything glowed a neon pink, green, blue and yellow and while you can hardly see what the other person looks like in there, there’s no missing the balls, the pins, the lanes and even the seats. Even the bar at the the entrance glowed — super convenient in helping us determine if their glasses were clean or not, hehehe.

Needless to say I came in last — or was it second last? — at the end of our game because that’s just how bad I suck at bowling but at least this trip was well worth my money, if only for the novelty.

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