Happy 2015!

January 4, 2015
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Happy new year everyone!!

It’s been 4 days into 2015, how has it been treating all of you thus far?

So far it has been good on our end, something we’re hoping will last for the rest of the year hehehe.

We made sure to bring it in good and solid on the 31st, so we prepared a small dinner and had a few friends over for some feasting, drinking and counting down together.


The Ninja unleashed cooking skills I never knew he had. All by himself, he whipped up this amazing roast pork (which took a mind-blowing 6 hours in the oven and a whole bottle of white wine to make), a paprika-rubbed roast chicken, and the perfect medium-rare steak. I contributed with the much simpler devilled eggs and mashed potato. Pinn brought this delicious beef pesto pasta and cumulatively, we had a small feast fit for a king.


It was a rainy and gloomy evening much to our chagrin — we had looked forward to spending the night out by the pool under the stars where we would get a vantage point of fireworks when the clock strikes 12 — so we brought the party indoors. I suppose it wasn’t too bad; we got to chill in the comforts of air-conditioner, sit on proper chairs and had the sink and the fridge at our disposal. Those are incredibly vital for mixing drinks!


It was an amazingly refreshing change, hosting and having your own party as opposed to heading out and hitting the clubs as we used to almost every year. Is this a sign of us growing up?? Hahahahaha.

But in all seriousness though, I think I had a lot more fun doing this. Just eating the night away, drinking home-mixed cocktails from clean glasses and having conversation and laughter fill the house as opposed to music so loud you can’t even hear yourseolf think.

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The Ninja certainly had a ball cooking for friends and having people tell him how much they enjoyed the fruits of his labour. He loves to cook in case anyone missed that memo and I’ve never seen him more in his element than when he brings outs the perfect dish that he’s been toiling over in the kitchen all afternoon. See that steak right there? That’s only the tip of the iceberg of what he can do.

How lucky am I? I found a guy who can cook me delicious meals that can rival that of the best restaurants in town!


See? I wasn’t kidding!


I felt so completely grown up having people over like how my parents used to do and making sure they had enough to eat, enough to drink and were all comfortable in my home hehehe. I think I’m gonna have more of these — it was so much fun. It takes playing house to a whole new level. Instead of dolls and stuffed animals, I got to pour drinks for real guests wahahahaha.


Our apartment is really small so initially I was afraid it would be too cramped having everyone in the small space but it looked like it worked out well. Things were cosier and more relaxed and two hours in, I was thinking to myself what was I even worried about in the first place lol. Yes, I’m a paranoid bunny like that. I overthink everything.


I guess you could say this love for hosting people started from these two, whom we all have nicknamed Marpin HAHAHAHA.

Marco + Pinn = Marpin, geddit geddit?

In July, they invited us over for a Mexican Night at their place. Thus started a chain of themed dinner nights. We hosted Italian Night following that and after this, we’re looking at Redneck/White Trash Night hahaha. To more dinner parties and playing grown-up in non-pretend house!


After dinner, everything was a blur to me from which I can recall only bits and pieces hahaha. I totally underestimated the effects of vanilla vodka (again).

Thankfully, through these photos I could piece together a roughly-sewn together chain of events.


There was a lot of goofing around and dressing up.


Photo-taking with everyone.


Making silly faces.


More photo-taking.


And basically a lot of laughing and messing around.


What I do remember though was that we almost missed the dawn of the new year altogether, were it not for Aida who alerted everyone 5 seconds before 12am. We looked up at the clock and there it was, the second hand only a mere 5 seconds to the midnight of 2015. LOL.

We had the shortest countdown there ever was and I vaguely remember some rounds of hugging as we wished everyone happy new year.

You know you had a good night when you don’t remember the proceedings of the evening.


It was just good food, great company and the best atmosphere on new year’s eve I’ve encountered in a long time, all tied together with the prettiest ribbon of  non-stop pourings of whisky, gin and vodka. It was a good night.


I may not remember much of the night but I know we had fun. And that’s all that truly matters, I suppose.

Happy new year again, beautiful people! Hope you ushered in yours in an equally swell manner and may 2015 bring only the best of health, hope and happiness!

To 2015!


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