Happy Trip

February 20, 2016

So aside from precious family time, this Chinese New Year was also incredibly good because of the time I got to catch up with my best girl friends.

These are girls with whom I literally grew up with, having gone to same school since Standard One. Some I only got closer to in the later years and Marisa, in particular, only after we entered secondary school, but if I were to select a bunch of people who would know me best, it would be this bunch without question.

We’re scattered across many different places now but keeping in touch has never been a problem, something I like to think is a sign of true friendship.

There’s steady and rational Li Ying, who I can always count on for adult reason of voice. Fun and frivolous Madeline, who has held my hair up while I threw up after too much drink one too many times. Assuring and never judgemental Yuh Ting, my number one candidate for maid of honour solely for all the shit we’ve been through together, be it heartbreaks, uncertainties or plain old boredom mistaken for rebellion back in the day. And adventure-hungry and opinionated Marisa, the one person who introduced me to some of the best books that shaped my character when we were wee teenagers and who today still remains the first person I run to to share my best news with.

Today, I like to think we’ve grown up to be rather successful individuals in our own rights and in that accord, are all busy. Amidst the reality of adulthood and growing up, we get it that we can’t always speak on the phone or get on FaceTime all the time, but deep inside, we all know when things get bad and we need each other to be there, we will be.

We’re independent like that and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We live separate lives, but at the end of the day, we make it to meet up and it’s like not a single day has passed since we last met.

Friendship isn’t about who has known you the longest. It’s about who has said “I’ll be here for you”, and proved it.

These girls are proof of that and more.

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