How we saved a tremendously bad night

January 31, 2016
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So, this is how it goes one night.

I have come to the conclusion that sometimes, a good time doesn’t mean everything went well or that you had all your senses overloaded with only the good, happy stuff (although I will still welcome all of the above!).

Sometimes, a good time comes disguised with bad traffic, overpriced drinks at the venue, a not-so-great band and leaving the venue deaf in one side of your ear only to drop your phone and have your screen shatter, rendering it unreadable (sigh!). It wouldn’t seem like a good time then, but then you go home, have a few laughs with friends about what a shitty night it was, pop a a fresh bottle of wine and drink to bad luck in an attempt to drown that misery.

That’s when you realise sometimes, a  good time is going through the bad as well as the lovely with people who matter.

People who will be awkward with you in the face of bad music; buddies who will lament with you how preposterous prices of beer in KL are yet still order one anyway; pals who try to help you look on the bright side when your phone dies on the sidewalk (“Hey, time for a new phone!”); true friends who help make sure the wine keeps pouring and the good times keep rolling even in your lowest of nights.

I’ve known it for a while now but one fateful Wednesday night cemented my belief that every moment, every memory worth reliving, is made more by the people you’re with than anything else.

A good time is where good friends are.

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