Saturday at the Batting Cages

July 19, 2015
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This year, we decided to stay back in the city during the glorious Raya long weekend instead of going back to Penang or driving somewhere for a getaway. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy the best of KL minus the usual crowd and heavy traffic. Since most of our usual haunts were closed due to the public holiday, we ended up at the batting cages at 1 Utama and it was the most fun I’ve had on a Saturday afternoon in a long while!

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The Ninja had wanted to go for the longest time but I wasn’t quite interested, I don’t know why! I wish we had gone earlier now as it wasn’t only fun, it was a good workout for our arms too, disguised as a leisurely afternoon date. They had hotdog stalls that sold carnival food of all sorts as well — think hotdogs, beer, popcorn — it’s the perfect American date set up just like in the teen rom-coms you so often see on TV!


It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be — I had imagined quite a humid and stuffy experience with it being open air with no AC, but the spacious rooftop arena was just nice and breezy the whole time we were there.


They also had pitching stations where you could practise your aim but we were there for the batting, which was a lot more fun.


The only bummer was that they made us wear these safety helmets that wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t reek of stale sweat! I can only imagine how many people have worn them and sweated in them and now we’re plopping them over our own heads :'( Alas, it was a necessary safety precaution so we stomached it and just put it on. Hut, hut, here we go!

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Spending a couple of hours there is pretty affordable, I must say. 1 token buys you a round of 15 balls. 5 tokens cost RM22 and 10 tokens, RM40. We bought 10 tokens, thinking to ourselves we could always go back for more if we wanted. Reality was, we didn’t go back for more because around 6 rounds in, we were already pooped with arms that were a lot more sore than they should be HAHAHAHA. Guess who hasn’t been working out! *guilty.

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Having played real baseball before during his homestay in Japan, the Ninja led the way. I didn’t even know the proper way to hold a bat.


The mechanics are pretty simple. It is the fear of the ball you need to get over, most importantly. Once you’ve conquered that, it’s just a matter of watching for the ball, aiming as best as you can and swinging away!


I missed a lot in my first 2 sets but I’m proud to say the bat came in contact with more and more balls the longer we stayed. I even managed one solid hit that sent the ball soaring through the netted cage and into the far side. Jeng Jeng Jeng. The satisfaction when you do hit a good one? Best feeling ever!

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Hahahaha look at that face of determination! What we didn’t count on was how much energy it would take. You unwittingly put in quite a lot into each swing that by the end of 1 round, you’re left breathing quite heavily.

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This machine that at first looked quite scary became quite a source of adrenaline, especially each time the yellow light came on, signalling that you should get ready for an incoming ball. If only our arms weren’t aching so bad, we would totally have gone on until late in the afternoon!


Almost 2 hours went by without us realising it before our sore arms and shaking hands said it was time to call it a day HAHAHA. I can hardly lift mine above my head now as we speak. I guess it’s a sign I need to do more weight workouts!

It was a good afternoon nonetheless, something I’d totally do again — once my arms return to normal, that is.

How were all your Raya holiday?


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