Sipping Stars at the Veuve Clicquot Star Constellation Party

November 10, 2014

As if they knew how much in need of a drink I was, an invite came from one of my favourite champagnes — Veuve Clicquot, naturally — to spend an evening drinking bubbly under a starry night sky. You do not say no to a good glass of bubbly and you definitely do not say no to Veuve Clicquot. To match the theme, the party was held at Stratosphere too, PJ’s first open-air roof-top bar so you literally get to sip your champagne under a sky full of stars. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening to me!


It was a warm night but free-flow Veuve Clicquot took care of the heat and humidity in no time. When it comes to champagnes, no other champagnes or sparkling wines come as close to being as easy to drink as VC. Fruity and sprightly on first sip, the notes only bloom further to reveal tantalising notes of green grapes and apples — citrusy and fresh flavours that always make  it the perfect drink to cool down with on a hot evening as we had.


VC is most recognisable by its eye-catching orange colour so of course the evening was not short of of the bold, fun shade of coral. Like the champagne, it is fun, warm and sets the mood just right for making new friends and connecting with old ones.


Sze Liang was among the first few I spotted in the crowd! She and a few friends have set up camp in a nice cooling corner away from the crowd and away from the heat so we immediately said yes when she invited us to join them. It’s always lovely running into her and Ser Siang! <3


Perhaps the only person to follow the dresscode as diligently, Ser Siang was dressed in the brightest, most orange shirt I’ve ever seen on anyone hahahaha. Told you he’s always a great sport to have around! If I was having a costume party, he’s the first guy I would have on my guestlist because I know he wouldn’t disappoint 😉


It was a warm night and I was beginning to sweat a little but true to my new mantra in life, good things beget good things. The more VS we knocked back, the more things seem to cool down and liven up. Out of nowhere, the single most beautiful breeze began sweeping through the area. Everything began to really look up the more champagne we let ourselves have.


Ran into Samantha whom I’ve not seen in almost half a year if not more! See, Veuve Clicquot — making more than one good thing happen without even trying.


Orange lights flooded the place, which we used to our advantage in photos. If there’s one thing I learnt, orange always makes subjects in photos glow.


Live music accompanied the night too as we laid back on that breezy rooftop, relaxed in the company of friends and enjoyed ice, cool champagne to wash the week’s stress away. I know they said to never chase a flute of champagne, but when it is as delicate in flavour and smooth in texture as VC, it can get a bit difficult to not do so.


Ran into my boss in the midst of the festivities! My boss is cooler than your boss because she’s one of us, seriously. Like, she prolly parties harder than I do outside of office hours hahahaha. She’s my living proof of the importance of a healthy work-life balance hehehe.


Before long, this was the atmosphere at our table, which says all there needs to be said about how much fun we were having, I think. Trust champagne, oh golden drink of liquid happiness, to always plant smiles and spring laughter everywhere it is present.


Ngawww I can never get enough of seeing these 2 lovebirds together hehehehe.


It was one crazy week just two days before this happened and I must say the invitation couldn’t have come at a timelier moment.

It was an amazing evening of the most basic things in life — friends and music, both enjoyed backdropped against the skyline of my most favourite city — but amplified with sweet, tingling sips of Veuve Clicquot under the stars. I’ll take second helpings, please.


The guys seemed to have enjoyed themselves too if I may say so! Their regular on a night out may be whisky on the rocks or something equally as manly, but like I said, no one can say no to Veuve Clicquot.


VC — always a predecessor to a good time.

Thank you Geometry Global for the kind invite. You sure made our Tuesday evening!

A new week is upon us! May it be as bubbly as champagne and be sprinkled with equally as many sparkly moments 🙂

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