Small Puffs of Air Make a Great Giant Balloon

March 16, 2015

People tend to only talk about big, expansive type of love as if they’re the only ones worth talking about. Fairytales are only ever written about gallant knights who went to great lengths of fighting evil queens and slaying dragons to win his fair lady; poems are only ever sung of tall, strong men who who gave up his own life so his beloved may live.

That’s a shame because true love lies in the little things. After all isn’t the smaller the particle, the easier it is to seep into your lungs, your blood, your heart?

It’s the little things that no one sees everyday, like how he pulls the covers an extra few inches  over your shoulders to make sure you’re truly warm when you’re not feeling well, or how he blows on the spoonful of soup an extra time to make sure it’s properly cooled. That says more than lavish gestures of flowers and chocolates and materialistic gifts.

These little things may be small but so are gasps of air. Given enough puffs, they amass enough to fill a balloon, a person, a heart.

You know that feeling when you look at someone and you swear you can feel your heart grow bigger? Right in the centre of your chest you feel it growing, ballooning — hot, warm and fuzzy –  until it fills up your entire upper body and you began to feel hard to breathe but in all the good ways? That’s when you know that person has done enough little things — given you enough little puffs of precious air — to amass to this elusive thing we call love.

Thank you for all the little things, some so small that I sometimes miss myself.

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