Sunday Roast for Two

July 27, 2015
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One huge indicator that we were growing up is our changing idea of fun. Back then, our idea of a good weekend was getting smashed at the club and waking up hungover at 4pm in the afternoon to crawl our ways to the nearby mamak for greasy maggie goreng.

These days, our idea of fun is grocery shopping HAHAHAHAHAHA. But for good reason! Grocery shopping means lots of fresh new ingredients for the Ninja to experiment in the kitchen and that, needless to say, results in yummy new things for me to try!

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Last weekend, we found ourselves doing exactly that. With almost no planning, we found ourselves at the grocer’s strolling through the meat isles imagining all the delicious steaks we could be having, if not all the mouthwatering pies. The Ninja suddenly got the inspiration to prepare a whole roast chicken even though it was going to be for just the two of us. I’m not complaining! Sundays are best celebrated with roasts!

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I got to pick out the chicken! 😀

The Ninja said to pick a big fat gigantic one so we can eat for the next few days — leftover cold-cuts and stir-fries are the best! — so I chose this fattest of fat 2kg giant that honestly looked like it crawled out of the Pripyat Chernobyl nuclear site. It’s bigger than my head lol.

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Then we picked some other ingredients like carrots, rosemary, thyme, some Spanish sausage and beans for stuffing as well as a bottle of wine. Mmmm I can almost taste it all over again.


Just some advantages to having a boyfriend who likes to cook ♥

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The end result looked something like this, like a mini Christmas dinner prepared 5 months too early ahahahaha. In other words, dreamily, gorgeously, beautifully, absolutely, perfect on a drizzly Sunday evening. We didn’t forget the finishing touches of candles and the fancy wine glasses we usually bring out only for special occasions.

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Tonnes more fun — and delicious — than spending a fortune at the club and having nothing to remember it by, I must say!

Hope all your weekends were as amazing with equal parts good food, happy thoughts and real moments worth keeping. Xx.

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