Twenty-Five on Too Much Bacon Nasi Lemak

July 6, 2015
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When you’re 25, you sometimes feel like nothing can stand in your way, not failure, not love, not death, not riches, or the lack thereof because what use have you for all the gold and silver coins in the world when all you need is your own will to live, to succeed, to make something more out of something, anything, the little that you were given.

When you’re 25, you sometimes feel like a child who has been given the free reins to do whatever you want, making you feel never more certain, more assured, more convinced that your own passions and loves are all you need, yet you’re asking yourself where do I start, where do I begin, which road do I first take because I have never done this before and what if I choose wrongly, decide poorly, do something which results prove irreversible because after all I am still a child and shouldn’t be left to my own devices.

When you’re 25, you find strength and courage and hope and faith easy, in your favourite pasttimes, in your best friends, in your lover even if he or she may not be the one just yet but it’s alright because he or she makes you feel like you can take on anything even failure, even love, even riches or the lack thereof, which is all you need to live in the moment.

When you’re 25, laughter truly is the best medicine when nothing in the world couldn’t be solved with a beer or two and a good friend to crack a silly joke that will chase all your biggest troubles away because how heavy a burden can a 25-year-old carry, a 25-year-old for whom nothing can stand in the way, not failure, not love, not death, not riches, nor the lack thereof.

But what stands, what remains, what awaits in the darkness after 25, after all the gold and silver coins have been spent; after the child has gone to sleep only to awaken to even more roads to take, even more decisions to make; after the laughter has all echoed hollow through the walls and the joke has been laughed dry by friends who have gone on their own way?

At least we’ll always have 25 and this moment and all the jokes we laughed at and all the beers we had. Perhaps we’ll go up to the roof somewhere and count what little gold and silver coins we have left and be reminded of how we didn’t need no failure, no love, no death no riches to know who we always were meant to be.

Perhaps we’ll just look up for a bit at the stars, at the moon, that look so much like gold and silver coins, and say to ourselves, “Let’s just wait around a bit and see.”

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